Advantages of Short Term Rentals

A for rent sign indicates the availability of a short term rental.
For your vacation needs, short term rentals are a great option to consider.

If you’re in the market for a temporary stay in a different place, chances are that your best bet is either a hotel or short term rental. While hotels are traditionally the popular option, short term rentals are, in many cases, a very fitting option for your temporary real estate needs. It is common knowledge that hotels are appropriate for few-night stays in uncommon locations. Short term rentals reflect a more significant investment. They often pay off for renters looking for vacation getaway locations or properties with an incrementally segmented lease.


Arguably the most distinguishing benefit short term rentals provide is the sense of ownership of the property. When you arrive at your unit after a spot of travelling, there is no feeling quite like experiencing a home-away-from-home. It’s yours. You scouted it out, selected it, and are now experiencing the full joy of proprietorship. Whether you are looking for a vacation getaway, temporary residence close to work, or simply looking for a multipurpose secondary home, the most satisfying and cost effective experience is often a short term rental lease.


Another key factor to consider about short term rentals is the amount of flexibility you’re looking for in a residence. Hotel rooms are usually quite inflexible in their offerings, often composed of just a bedroom area and a bathroom area. Short term rentals are the best of both worlds: you are in a comfortable unit that also provides more space. Rental units are made for long term living, so space and comfort are part of the intended design. This way, relaxation or work will come more naturally than in a cramped, uncomfortable hotel room.

Privacy is also a very significant factor with short term rentals. With short term rentals, all you need is a key to get into your place. You don’t have to check in or grab a key card from reception, you can simply come and go as you please. There is usually enough space between units for you to have a conversation or phone call beyond the earshot of your neighbors. The benefits of privacy are sometimes overlooked, but are still a valuable piece of the short term rental lifestyle.


Finally, short term rentals can often be a very sensible buy, depending on your circumstances. If you are looking for an extended stay in a single location, short term rental properties have varying lease segmentations. Some properties have nightly rates, others have weekly and monthly rates. If you are bringing the family on vacation, these types of leases are the best way to get the space and comfort that you require for a fair price.


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