Summer Maintenance Best Practices


We’re in the thick of the dog days of summer, and what better way to *enjoy* the heat than to go outside and make sure the exterior of your home is geared up for the colder months? Winter is coming, people! In all seriousness, here’s a few maintenance tasks you will definitely want to add to your summer checklist.

Clear the Gutters: Make sure you clean your gutters at least once before the winter. In early summer/late spring, stray seeds, flowers, and debris tend to drift off in the wind and stuck in the gutter drainage system. Cleaning your gutters will prevent clogging down the road.

Spray down the exterior: Keeping the outside of your house clean and free of dirt and mildew will prevent unwanted cache and growth on your home’s exterior. You’ll also be able to take a stab at removing the classic summer beehive that tends to appear in the high up, hard to reach corners of the exterior. The best tool for the job is a pressure washer, but a regular pressure nozzle on a garden house may make a contribution.

Check roof for winter damage: The winter months tend to do a bit of damage to the roof over time. Be sure to check at least annually for misplaced or loose shingles. Doing so could save you a fortune on water damage in the future.Home Improvement

Check Windows: Keeping the old air in during the summer, and the hot warm air in during the winter is a key element to staying comfortable during the changing seasons. The best way to promote window functionality is to check the inside and outside for leakages in the sealant. Typically, applying caulk to visibly open areas is a good enough fix.

Mark Frye Pro Tip: if you have central air conditioning, make sure to clean leaves and debris from the central air condenser seasonally.

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